miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016

About me and my work/ Lemoart Gallery Berlín/ 2016

Miriam Martínez Abellán (Murcia,Spain, 1978), graduate in Art History by the University of Murcia, and Piano, by the Conservatory of Music of the same city, is currently living in Murcia and working as a music teacher and creative artist specialized in conceptual collage.

Her creative work is known as collagexmiriam. The artist uses collage as a means to approach the feminine world and to express social criticism through different topics. Her technique is a mixture of collage, acrylic, vintage magazines cuttings, old objects, etc. Her style is lively and delicate;  her universe personal and genuine. In this technique she found her true artistic expression. She has a long exhibition history.

Blog: collagexmiriam.blogspot.com//Instagram: collagexmiriam//Facebook: collagexmiria